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Are you the owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise that has outgrown your bookkeeper? Or perhaps you are the CFO and just need some additional support for your finance team. We can provide you with that senior level support allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. Whether it be working as your fractional CFO 1-2 days a week or a short-term project. We are here to help.

Looking for trusted business advisors with over 20+ years of leadership, finance & operations experience from a diverse range of industries? We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help facilitate change, achieve your vision and optimize performance and productivity. Even though we only work with your business on a fractional or short-term basis, you still get ALL our experience – let us help with Strategy, Decision Support, Reporting, Budgeting, and Costing.

Meet Ray

Raymond C. Tiam-Fook, CPA, CA Chartered Professional Accountants | Founding Partner
Ray Tiam-Fook, CPA, CA

Chartered Professional Accountant
Chartered Accountant
Principal Practitioner

Originally trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) when he articled at Ernst & Young: Bay Street Canadian Head Office with on ongoing training focus on small to mid-sized enterprises and financial institutions. A veteran of several seasons with the EY Executive Tax Pool Team and a range of companies, including Toronto Hydro, Walt Disney and a host of owner-run businesses.
When not crunching numbers, Ray enjoys exotic travel(well at least he used to...), fancy cars (which his wife won’t let him buy), loud Hawaiian shirts, the Simpsons reruns (all 29 seasons) and all-things Star Trek. Originally born in Kansas (yes...Kansas), Ray lived just outside of Chicago before moving to Toronto with his family to attend high school and university.

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